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Elisa goes into Multilingual Mode

A new year brings with it hopes and aspirations for a great year ahead. 

We, at Eligere Technologies, are excited to welcome the beginning of this year with exciting news. Your ChatGPT-powered Enterprise bot, Elisa, can understand 40 languages apart from English. 

Why are we excited?

A very good question, indeed! We are actually excited for our clients. Let me explain why. We have been studying the market of chatbots and we have seen these chatbots catering to customers who can speak in English. The existing chatbots could not penetrate the non-speaking world.


Now that we have expanded our language understanding capabilities, our clients can engage a whole new sector of non-English speaking customers, in turn, opening up a whole new market of users that were otherwise not reachable due to the language barrier.



Which are the languages?

Elisa can, at present, understand a total of 40 different languages, including 20 European languages and 20 Asian languages. We are in the process of expanding our language capabilities and who knows how many languages Elisa can understand by the end of 2024.


Here is a list of the different languages understood by Elisa.

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Hanfas Backer
Hanfas Backer