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Challenges facing the Indian Technology Industry

Is this how your technical head sees new technology? If not, it is high time you had a CDO, aka, a Chief Digital Officer who is equally comfortable dealing with the new age tech like AI. Read to find out why your company needs this new role:

Tesla enters the humanoid race with its AI Robot

Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Friday unveiled the company’s Tesla Bot, a robot code-named Optimus. For safety reasons, the robots will be “governed by some laws of robotics that you cannot overcome, like not doing harm to others,” Musk said. Read here to find out more.

AI inventing its own culture

A new study shows that humans can learn new things from artificial intelligence systems and pass them to other humans, in ways that could influence wider human culture. Read more on this fascinating concept.

DALL-E: Creating Images from Text

You might have heard of people eating their own words but drawing images of them that is exactly what Dall-E does. All you need to do is write down a series of words describing what you want to see and this amazing software visualizes it for you. Read more to find out.

What Is the Metaverse: Where We Are and Where We’re Headed

The metaverse was just an idea that was first described by sci-fi author Neal Stephenson in his novel Snow Crash. Now it has become reality because large technology companies are betting that it will be as big—if not bigger—than the internet is today.